How to Fuck a Virgin, part 3

In the previous episodes we learned how to relax a virgin girl
(click here to see the Episode #1)
and how to teach a virgin girl suck a cock without teeth
(click here to see the Episode #2).
In this 3rd episode we willl learn how to relax girl's virgin pussy using your fingers and tongue, and how to perform painless penetration. This is very important for her first time!

Date 30/10/2019 Assistant Adele Virgin Duration mins

Other lessons

Erotic Massage
Erotic Massage
Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage

Art of erotic massage! (or "Yoni-Massage")
Spiritual and sexy: she will love it for sure!
In this video I'll teach you:
- How to offer erotic massage to a new girl
- How to massage a girl
- How to understand female body

Date 29/10/2019 Assistant Lilith Duration 55 mins

Anal Initiation
Anal Initiation
Anal Initiation

Anal Initiation

She never took it in the ass? And you want to turn her into an anal addict?
Good, I respect that! 
On the day of her first anal orgasm she'll be really thankful!
My job is to teach you how to never hurt her, but to please her step by step with:
- good moves
- good rhythm
- good preparation
Anal sex is very technical! Prepare your dick and a notebook.
And let's go for the anal mission!

25 minutes long lesson and 30 minutes of good fuck

Date 29/10/2019 Assistant Lola Young Duration 55 mins

Anal Sex Expert
Anal Sex Expert
Anal Sex Expert

Anal Sex Expert

"Honey, today we'll make a boat trip! Prepare your ass :-)"
It's so important now the way you talk to ladies.
So... today I'll teach you:
- How to make a really cool surprise for your sexy wife and how to transform it into great sex.
- How to make her ready for anal sex properly.
- How to perform advanced anal positions.

Date 29/10/2019 Assistant Nastya Duration 55 mins

Sensual Shower Sex
Sensual Shower Sex
Sensual Shower Sex

Sensual Shower Sex

Taking a shower with a nude sexy girl willing to fuck you is amazing!
How to invite a girl to take a shower with you?
Easy! It's really easy when you know some tricks :)
Just follow some simple steps. Step by step.
Watch my instructions in this video.

Date 14/11/2019 Assistant Shrima Malati Duration 55 mins

Sensual Sex Games
Sensual Sex Games
Sensual Sex Games

Sensual Sex Games

It was a real challenge to perform the action for this video and shoot it, because my sweet model Joana had suuuuuuch a tiny pussy! Seriously, 
I could hardly fit my dick inside. Anyway... 

How to organise a sensual game with your girlfriend?
How to easily make your new girlfriend feel safe and relaxed, how to give good emotions to her?
How to start sensual sex games?
How to deal with a super tiny pussy?

Date 06/11/2019 Assistant Joana Duration 55 mins